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Counselor's Corner

Shari Grubb
Ext. 123


What a privilege it is to walk alongside you and your child as we share in the joys and challenges of elementary through high school years. I feel fortunate to work with such wonderful, caring students, parents, and staff. I hope you find that this website helps keep you informed about the services available at our school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know how I can help make your child's school year a successful one.

"We only get one chance to prepare our students for a future that none of us can possibly predict. What are we going to do with that chance?" --Stephen R. Covey

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ACT Testing Schedule for 2017-18 School Year will be updated once school resumes in the Fall

Click here for the ACT Web Site


Helpful Scholarship Hints
Use the following helpful hints as you begin the process of applying for scholarships. The students who are most successful at earning scholarships are students who follow these points:

1. Remember that applying for scholarships is the responsibility of the student.

2. Denton High School is not notified of all scholarships available at a particular college, so students are encouraged to write to the college they hope to attend and ask for information on freshman scholarships.

3. Don’t procrastinate! Get busy on this part of your college planning early and stay on top of it. Your success will depend on your perseverance, organization, and your ability to meet deadlines.

4. Be sure to give your teachers and counselor adequate time to write recommendations for you. Two weeks is a good rule of thumb. Give them a list of activities and awards that are noteworthy in the recommendation. When given sufficient time, teachers can write a meaningful letter that truly reflects each student’s unique qualities.

Helpful Links:

Montana College Information



Western Undergraduate Exchange

Resources For College Finances

Scholarship Applications

Click on the links below to view and print the various scholarship applications.

Denton Lions Club Scholarship

Rudy Suden Scholarship

Rod Stonehocker Memorial Scholarship

Denton Education Association Scholarship

Central Montana Reading Council Scholarship

Western Star Lodge #104 Masonic Scholarship (2016 Grads)

Western Star Lodge #104 Masonic Scholarship (2017 Grads)

Fergus High School Guidance/Scholarships Page
Click on the Current Scholarships link for the most up-to-date
list of scholarships.
For more scholarship information contact
stop by the counselor's office or give the current counselor a call.

Second semester to me means a few different things…

As we continue on in the new year, seniors and scholarships come to mind.  In the near future, I expect to receive updated application letters and forms from our generous community donors.  Be sure to check back in early March.

Testing of various kinds also comes in the not-so-distant future.  In March we will begin CRT testing.  April bring Smarter Balanced testing for grades 3-8 and 11.  The juniors will have the opportunity to take the ACT  for no charge on April 19th.

Also, the district basketball tournament comes along in mid-February.  Be sure to come support our student athletes!  GO BEARCATS!


Bully-Free Montana Toolkit

Denton School District Harrassment Reporting Form for Students

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