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Today's strange holiday is...
National Handwriting Day



Happy New Year!

2017 is here, and school is in full swing. There are a lot of exciting things happening at school.
We are going to have a math competition in March for grades 7-12. Students will be able to
compete with other students from surrounding areas, and scholarships will be awarded to
seniors. If you have any extra utensils at home, please call 567-2270 ext. 114 and Mrs.
Donaldson will be able to give you more insight on her new cooking class. We also have a new
band teacher, Ms. Carpenter. She is fresh out of college and full of ideas and enthusiasm! The
basketball teams are doing their best and striving to reach their goals. Our wonderful staff is
forever working to educate the children, and doing a great job! State testing will be starting in
late March.

Yours in Education,

Mr. Krenzke